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Canny Colossus

Canny Colossus

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Train your large breed dog to stop pulling on leash

The Canny Colossus is the best collar to stop large breed dogs from pulling on the leash, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets.

Voted Best New Product by the UK pet industry when first launched, the Canny Colossus is simple to fit, easy to use, kind, safe, comfortable and effective.

Suitable if your dog's neck measures more than 23". Example breeds: Neapolitan Mastiff, St Bernard, Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Collar - 1 1/2 inches wide Slip line (nose band) - 3/4 inch wide

Unique design

Our unique, patented behind-the-head design means the Canny Colossus does not ride up into your dogs eyes nor yank her head to one side, both of which will cause her distress, discomfort and which could damage her neck.

Trains your dog to walk on a regular collar

Can be used in both training collar mode and regular collar mode by easily dropping the slip line (nose band) off your dog's nose as needed. This way, you can train your dog to eventually walk on a regular collar and leash.

A comfortable fit

The slip line over your dogs nose is soft, strong and adjusts easily to fit the shape of your dogs face. As it is only one light piece of webbing, your dog is able to breathe easily, pant and even carry a ball or toy in her mouth. Because of this, it will never be confused with a muzzle when meeting other dog owners.

The collar that fits around the neck is made from high quality, padded, cushioned webbing which is both strong and comfortable. When your dog is happy she will be much more receptive to training.

Total control

Your leash attaches to the D rings on the slip line. This works independently of the collar, giving you a direct connection to your dogs steering.

The slip line eliminates pulling and lungeing by applying gentle pressure when your dog pulls and immediately releasing the pressure as your dog stops. The collar part stays in a fixed position, just like your dogs regular collar.

Safe ; secure

Because the Canny Colossus fastens behind the head and not under the chin, your dog cannot lift her paw over her leash and pull the collar off her head. Even if she manages to get a claw into the slip line and pull it off her nose, your leash is still secured to the D rings and so she cannot escape.

The nickel-plated steel buckle provides added reassurance and ensures a secure fastening that will never snap free. This means your dog is always safe, avoiding any potential danger for both of you.

Superior quality workmanship and top value

Your dog deserves the very best! The top quality padded collar, soft yet strong generous slip line over the nose and nickel-plated steel buckle and fittings mean the Canny Colossus is the very best value for money: Combines safety, comfort, superior quality materials, fittings and workmanship Provides complete but gentle control Does not ride into eyes Does not yank your dogs head to one side - recommended by chiropractors Recommended by dog trainers, training schools, rescue organizations and veterinarians worldwide Wipeable and washable material is easy to keep clean

If you are embarrassed by your pulling dog, dread taking your dog for a walk and have tried everything else to stop your dog pulling on leash, then the Canny Colossus is the answer. Available in black.

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