Puddles B Gone

If you're tired of your wet and dirty floors. They come in five beautiful colors. Have a convenient carrying handle. A no spill cap. 2 gallon water bottle. Matching feeder. And a stand adjustable to three heights. And free shipping. Picture one of these for Christmas. Dry puddle free floors!

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  • Shawn

    Tim, Just want to let you know how well your Dog waterer
    works. I have a Saint Bernard, when he was using a normal waterer he would make
    a huge puddle all around. It was so frustrating. After I setup your waterer,
    the floors have been dry. Many thanks for the great product!


  • Caprice Coop

    We have Great Danes with big floppy jowls. After drinking from a standard water bowl, water would pour from their mouths as they walked away. Simply put, due to no fault of their own, it was a messy, slippery, and an annoyance problem, but we are Dane lovers, so we assumed it was just a part of having Danes, so we thought. We tried to deal with it by wiping their mouths, mopping, and setting out additional mats/rugs to collect the water mess. We were astonished with the Puddles B Gone waterer because there was much less mess! I don't think with dogs of their size, one could expect there be zero mess, but we were pleasantly surprised as it significantly reduced the watery mess by at least 90%. That is huge difference, and it makes it manageable. We are definitely fans of Puddles B Gone waterer!

  • Konni Terrell

    Unfortunately, I recently lost my shepherd that this purchase was for. He was a sloppy drinker. So when it arrived I gifted the set to my Mom who has an 80+ lb. Labradoodle named Snickerdoodle and she is 2 yrs. old. Her face gets everything wet after she drinks water from her previous bowls. Now, no more water trails and wet pants and hands when she comes over to get her head rubs. The water bowl and feeder are top notch quality! Very durable, when you pick it up you know it is going to last a very long time. The water jug is thick and the handle is exactly what was needed to set the water bowl above all others we have bought.  The stand is easy to put together and is extremely solid.  I have paid for one waterer what I paid for this whole set; the value is on point.  My mother is over the moon about the looks and the dry face! She is also able to fill and set the water jug on her own due to that fantastic addition of a handle!

  • Brian

    It was for my daughter and Ryan. Yes it is working out quite
    well. Still a few small drips on the floor. Nothing like it was. They feel the
    dogs are getting better over time. Finally figuring out water is there all the
    time. So they aregetting smaller drinks more frequently instead of a lot at
    once like they were at first. Work in progress i think.

  • Clara Jones

    We are the Jones’. We received our new Puddles B Gone water system on Tuesday! We were delighted on how fast the turnaround was from order to delivery.Our Cady is a 100lb English Laband she always leaves atrial of water from her old bowl throughout the kitchen. We always joke “Cady was here!” Cady is very cautious about anything new but as soon as we put it down she and Henry(our cat) both were drinking! And there was NO WATER anywhere! No trail thru the kitchen! You’re product does exactly what you said it would! All our “PUDDLES B GONE”.Thanks again! We learned about you from Pride N Joy English Labs. We were so honored when they chose us to be Cady’s family!

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